Hello there!

I’m a northern California-based graphic designer and mom of one amazing little girl, Tess.

At lunch one day, I remembered how, as a kid, I’d open my lunchbag and find a note from my mom. Each day a new note – sometimes sweet, or encouraging, or silly – but always super special because it reminded me how loved I was. My mom was such a funny, creative, kind person, and her personality would shine through in her daily post-it-sized messages to me. I so looked forward to opening up my brown bag and finding that little note. It just made me so happy.

I thought it would be great if more kids could experience that kind of joy, so I set out to create a fun, easy, creative way for parents to write their children personalized lunch notes.

After months of drawing and writing and designing – cue the trumpets – Lunch Notes was born.

The grease-stained brown bag has morphed into a BPA-free plastic bento box filled with all-organic everything, but I can’t tell you the joy it gave me to slip a Lunch Note in Tess’s lunchbox for the first time.  I know my mom would have gotten a huge kick out of that.

And now, because of the success of Lunch Notes, I’ve expanded the note-starter idea to include Love Notes and a line of greeting cards. I hope you enjoy sharing a little love with the people you love as much as I’ve enjoyed creating these products.

– Patty Benson